On-Campus Housing
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Available Dwellings

Available dwellings in student family housing are offered first to those on the Family Housing Waiting List. If a dwelling is not requested by someone on the waiting list, it will be listed below.

Please note:
  • Current tenants are only required to give a minimum of a 30-day termination notice.
  • Positions on the waiting list are based on the date and time when a student adds themselves to the waiting list, or if a current tenant, when they submitted their current agreement.

To contract for a dwelling, please see the contracting instructions page.

Area Dwelling Bedrooms Floor Building Availability Date Post Date
North Wymount7483114B14B2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount7583214C14C2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount7663214D14D2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount7863215B15B2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount8403116C16C2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount8423216C16C2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount8493216D16D2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount8763117A17A2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount8783217A17A2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount8823217A17A2020/07/06Now2000/01/01Currently Selectable
North Wymount8123115E15E2020/07/10July 10, 20202000/01/01Currently Selectable