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Conference Dining Information

Provided Meals

  • While at BYU, conference guests may enjoy our nationally-recognized dining services.
  • Conference organizers have selected a dining plan that best serves the needs of their participants.


  • Conference meals are paid for using a cafeteria-based meal plan or a Dining Dollars Card.

Dining Locations

  • Conference guests with a meal plan will be eating pre-specified meals in either the Cannon Commons or the Heritage Halls Central Building.
  • Participants’ meal cards will be labeled with a "C" to indicate which meals they will be eating at the Cannon Commons or with an "H" if they will be eating at the Heritage Halls Central Building.
  • Missed meals cannot be credited nor can the meal plan be altered for any individual guest.

Dining Locations that Accept Dining Dollars Cards

  • Dining Dollars Cards may be used by presenting them when making a purchase or by swiping them through a card reader at locations like vending machines.
  • Viable locations for Dining Dollars Cards vary with each conference. Conference guests should carefully read the information provided by their conference regarding where their Dining Dollars Card may be used.
  • Conference guests may be able to use their dining dollars cards at the:
    • Cougareat Food Court.
    • The Skyroom Restaurant.
    • Museum of Art Café.
    • BYU Creameries.
    • BYU Vending Machines.
    • Cannon Commons.
    • BYU Store (only during Education Week).
      • For safety purposes, participants who have a Dining Dollars Card which may be used at the BYU Store must also present their conference name tag or photo ID to make a purchase.
  • With each purchase, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the Dining Dollars Card and the remaining balance will be shown.
  • Conference guests may also find out the current balance, without making a purchase, from a Dining Services cashier or at the BYU Store service desk.
  • Conference guests may add funds to their Dining Dollars Card at the:
    • Kiosk at the Cougareat Food Court (During Education Week only)
    • Creamery at Helaman Halls

Contact for Questions

  • Conference guests with questions or comments about their Dining Dollars Card may contact the BYU Dining Dollars Office.
BYU Dining Dollars Office
2310 WSC
Provo, UT 84602
Phone: (801) 422-3866