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Moving In

Message from Residence Life Directors

We are delighted to welcome you to Brigham Young University On-Campus Housing, your new home at BYU. Your next few years at BYU will be filled with opportunities for discovery and self-betterment, and we are confident that your decision to live on campus will greatly expand these possibilities.
National studies indicate that living on campus will help you begin your college career more successfully. You will find that BYU on-campus living means more than just room and board - it's a gospel-centered community, providing ways to more easily interact with others and build relationships based on open communication and shared goals. If you will take advantage of the many choices for fresh experiences, new activities and friendships that on-campus housing offers, you will pave the way for lifelong learning and achievement both in and out of the classroom.
By living on campus at BYU, you benefit from the very best the university has to offer. We hope that the information provided here will be helpful and informative as you prepare to live on campus. We wish you the very best in your educational pursuits and hope to see you around campus!

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Paul Barton

Residence Life

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Todd Fischio

Assistant Director, Residence Life

Check-In Information

Check-In Dates and Times

Agreement Period Dates Time
Summer 2024 June 22, 2024 5:00 pm
Fall-Winter 2024-25 To Be Determined To Be Determined

Check-In Locations

Check-in locations change depending on the semester and the area. Tenants should ensure that they check the information for the proper agreement period and housing area.

Helaman Halls

Agreement Period Check-in Location
All Check-ins take place in the Helaman Halls Cannon Center.

Heritage Halls

Agreement Period Check-in Location
All Check-ins take place in the Heritage Halls Central Building.


Agreement Period Check-in Location
All Check-ins take place at the LISR Office in Building A of the LISR complex.


Agreement Period Check-in Location
All Summer 2024 check-ins take place in Building L.

Wyview Park

Agreement Period Check-in Location
All Check-ins take place in the Multi-Purpose Building.

Check-In Process - Not required for Summer 2024

Before you can check into your room, you must have completed the online portion of the check-in process:

  • There are three parts to the online check-in process: (1) review a check-in video, (2) submit an e-signature related to the video, and (3) select a specific check-in date and time.
  • Prior to unloading your belongings, go to the check-in location as listed above. Please come to campus with as few family members/individuals as possible. It is recommended the student and two helpers come to campus.
  • Only the student will be allowed in the check-in area during their assigned check-in date and time. Parents, family members, and other individuals will be asked to remain outside the check-in area.
  • Staff will be available at check-ins to answer questions, distribute student ID cards and keys, and provide directions.
  • After you have checked-in, please go to your assigned building to unload your belongings.
  • Once you have unloaded your belongings to the room or apartment, please move your vehicle to a legal parking stall (not along curbs, sidewalks, in front of trash containers, in service vehicle stalls, or hall advisor stalls). For parking locations please see the information listed below under Parking.
  • Apartments at Wyview Park, Riviera, and the LISR are locked and require a key to enter. You will receive a key at the check-in location.
  • The student ID card is required to access amenities and laundry facilities at Riviera.
  • The buildings and apartments at Heritage Halls require a student ID card to access the building/apartment and a key to enter the bedroom. You will receive a student ID card or temporary ID card and key at the check-in location.
  • The buildings at Helaman Halls require a student ID card to access the building and a key to access the room. You will receive a student ID card or temporary ID card and key at the check-in location.
  • The student ID card is required to access BYU Dining facilities. You will receive a student ID card or temporary ID card at the check-in location.

Scheduling a Check-In Time - Not required for Summer 2024

  • Click on the account tab above.
  • Click the icon of a bed next to the future agreement.
  • Under the box that reads "Check-In Time," click the "Reserve/Change Check In Time" link.
  • Once on that page, watch the video, submit the e-signature, and sign up for a check-in date and time.

Early Check-In

  • When early check-in is available, the tenant’s account will be charged at a rate of $15.00 per night.
    • An exception will be made for tenants of Heritage Halls and Helaman Halls checking in for Fall-Winter 2024-25 on August 26, 2024 or August 27, 2024.
  • Early check-in charges will be posted to a student’s account toward the beginning of the semester they correspond to.
  • Early check-ins for Spring Term and Summer Term agreements are not available.


What's Provided

  • Tenants of Heritage Halls, Wyview Park, Riviera, and LISR are provided with an ironing board, refrigerator and freezer, oven/stove, microwave, kitchen table with four to six chairs, large couch or love seat, desk and chair, garbage can (kitchen and bathroom), shower curtain, shelf space, drawer space, personal closet, and access to a vacuum cleaner.
  • Tenants should wait to purchase additional cleaning supplies until they have received cleaning instructions at check-ins.
  • Helaman Halls tenants are provided with an ironing board (in the basement, bathroom, or laundry area), desk and chair, shelf space, drawer space, mini refrigerator, limited cleaning supplies, and a personal closet.
  • LISR tenants are provided with community dishes, cookware, and utensils.

What to Bring

Tenants should consider bringing the following items:

Disinfecting wipes and cleaners

Hand Sanitizer





Towels and washcloths

Decorating hooks

Clothes for all weather

Alarm clock


Sewing kit

Laundry bag

Laundry detergent

Study supplies

Toilet paper




Snow gear



Room decorations

Computer (or rent one from IT services)

Iron (Ironing boards are provided)

Dishes, cookware & utensils (if living in an apartment)

Favorite recipes (if living in an apartment)

Entertainment equipment

First-aid kit

Financial and health insurance information

Bedsheet Sizes

  • All beds in Helaman Halls are extra-long twin, except in David John Hall where they are standard twin.
  • All beds in Heritage Halls are extra-long twin.
  • All beds in the Language Immersion Student Residence are standard twin.
  • Beds in the Riviera are either extra-long twin or standard twin.
  • All beds in Wyview Park are extra-long twin.

Décor Policies

  • Helaman Halls: While decorating your room, you may use 3M Command hooks, white removable mounting adhesive such as Plasti-Tak©, and provided bulletin boards and tack strips.
  • Heritage Halls, Wyview Park, Riviera, and Language Immersion Student Residence: While decorating rooms, tenants may use nails and white removable mounting adhesive such as Plasti-Tak (not 3M Command hooks). An apartment can only have 6 nail holes per room (including nails already present when tenants move in). Tenants will be charged a repair fee for each additional hole when they move out.


  • The residence halls have outside bicycle racks.
  • Limited indoor bike storage is available. Tenants should contact their area front desk for more information.
  • Tenants who bring a bike might want to consider one that is less expensive to avoid risk.
  • Tenants will need to provide their own lock to secure their bike.
  • Bikes must be licensed; students may visit the BYU Police Website for more information.
  • Bikes may not be stored in apartments, stairwells, or Helaman rooms.


  • Toilet paper is not provided for tenants in suites (Helaman Halls) or apartments (Heritage Halls, Wyview Park, Riviera, & LISR).
  • Only one router is needed for each apartment at Heritage Halls, Riviera, and Wyview Park, and for each room at Helaman Halls.
  • Tenants are welcome to bring entertainment equipment for their room or apartment, but consideration should be taken in keeping the volume at a level that will not disturb other tenants. Tenants who prefer loud music should bring earphones.

What to Leave at Home

  • State and community laws prohibit fireworks and other explosive/flammable materials in the residence halls. Tenants who are caught in possession of these items will be reported to the University Police.
  • Incense, candles, or any other type of open flame are not allowed in the residence halls.
  • Small appliances and space heaters are not allowed in the bedrooms, with the exception of the personal refrigerators provided by the university in Helaman Halls.
  • Personal refrigerators are not allowed in apartment-style housing (except for those provided by the university for medical accommodations).
  • Guns and other weapons, such as large knives, bows and arrows, swords (including decorative weapons), and paint guns are not allowed on campus.
  • Any firearms, pellet guns, BB and paint guns, wrist rockets, slingshots, and other similar items, as well as ammunition, cannot be stored in the apartment.
  • Violators will be referred to the University Police and Honor Code Office and their rental agreement will be jeopardized.
  • Skateboards, longboards, hoverboards, and in-line skates are not allowed on campus because of an increase in accidents and damage to university facilities.
  • Pets and animals of any kind, including fish, are not allowed in the residence halls, except for special assistance animals for persons with disabilities.
  • Violators will be charged $50.00 per pet each day and rental agreements will be subject to termination. Please see the Service, Therapy/Emotional Support, and Assistance Animal Policy for more details.