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Housing Staff

Area Management

  • Each housing area has management that supervises the Hall Advisors and is responsible for all the students living in the housing area.
  • The area management advises the area Residence Halls Association Council.
  • Area management welcomes suggestions on improving tenants’ on-campus experience.
  • Area management offices are located in the central building for each area.

Hall Advisors

  • Hall Advisors are full-time university employees who work with Resident Assistants to help tenants with their on-campus needs.
  • Hall Advisors supervise Resident Assistants and advise hall councils for one or more buildings in a housing area.
  • Helaman Halls Hall Advisors live on the first floor of the building for which they are responsible.
  • At Heritage Halls, Wyview Park, or the Language Immersion Student Residence, Hall Advisors live on the first floor of one of the buildings for which they are responsible.

Resident Assistants

  • Resident Assistants (RA's) are experienced university students who live in the halls and are available to help tenants with anything they need while they live in on-campus housing.
  • RA's facilitate community development, and they can also assist tenants access on-campus services such as Academic Advisement, the Counseling and Career Center, and the Student Health Center.
  • Tenants will have one RA assigned to their floor or hall. Tenants may also get to know other RA's who work with their Hall Advisor.

Conference Assistants

  • Conference Assistants (CA's) are Residence Life employees who assist Hall Advisors and Area Management in facilitating the stay of conference guests.

Desk Assistants

  • Desk Attendants are Residence Life employees who work in each of the area central buildings at the front desk.
  • Desk Attendants assist tenants who need to check something out, pick up a package, or get some general information.