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Residential Living Standards

Brigham Young University contracts with off-campus landlords (BYU-contracted housing) who agree to provide living environments which are conducive to the high moral standards of BYU and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To help foster this moral living environment, BYU has established these Residential Living Standards which all students living on campus, living off campus in BYU-contracted housing, and specifically excused in writing from living in BYU-contracted off-campus housing (collectively, students) commit to observe. Additional house-rules can be found at: While on their premises, BYU-contracted housing owners, managers and employees agree to abide by these Residential Living Standards, and to use their best efforts to ensure that their agents and contractors agree to do likewise.

Sex Separated Housing

Based on its religious belief in the law of chastity and the moral teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, all single students are required to live in sex-separated housing units unless they have obtained prior written permission from BYU’s Off-Campus Housing Office to live in non-contracted housing. Brothers and sisters of the same family may live together in the same dwelling unit provided there are no other single persons in the dwelling unit other than brothers and sisters of that immediate family.


Students are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the CES Honor Code including living a chaste and virtuous life; respecting others; and abstain from using or possessing alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, vaping, and substance abuse both on and off the premises. Involvement with gambling; pornographic, erotic, indecent, or offensive material; obscene or indecent conduct or expressions; disorderly or disruptive conduct; or any other conduct or action inconsistent with the CES Honor Code or other applicable university policies, in the sole discretion and judgment of the university, is not permitted. Students are expected to help their guests and other residents understand and abide by the Residential Living Standards and the CES Honor Code.

Visitors of the Opposite Sex and Visiting Hours

Visitors of the opposite sex are permitted in living rooms and kitchens, but not in bedrooms or private hallways. The use of bathroom areas by members of the opposite sex is not appropriate unless emergency or civility dictate otherwise and then only if the safety and privacy of other residents are not jeopardized. Visiting hours for all visitors may begin after 9:00 a.m. and extend until 12:00 midnight. Friday night visiting hours may extend until 1:30 a.m. Landlords may establish a shorter visiting period if written notice is given to students. Residents of Helaman Halls must observe these visiting hours:

  • Helaman Halls has an open house on Wednesdays and Sundays from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm.
Lobby Hours
Saturday-Thursday 8:00 am - Midnight
Friday 8:00 am - 1:30 am
Basement Room Hours
Everyday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
David John Hall Day Room Hours
Everyday 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tenants in on-campus family housing may host a short term guest in accordance with the Guest Policy published in the family housing guidelines and policies. There are no visiting hour restrictions for family housing. However, tenants are encouraged to follow Quiet Hours posted in the community section of the family housing guidelines and polices.

Dress and Grooming Standards

Students are required to know the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards and abide by them at all times. In addition, owners having swimming pools, hot tubs, or sun bathing areas at their rental facilities shall establish the following guidelines for swimwear:

  • Bikinis and all other immodest or very brief swimsuits are not permitted for men or women.
  • All swimsuits and other clothing with straps and ties are to remain fastened or tied while swimming, sunbathing, or lounging.

Sex Offender Policy

The university has determined that convicted sex offenders, whether required to register or not, pose a significant, clear and present danger to residents living in contracted housing, and are not permitted to live in contracted housing. Students must certify that they are NOT a convicted sex offender and are eligible to rent and reside in on-campus or BYU-contracted housing. See also BYU’s Sex Offender Policy.

Maintaining the Residential Living Standards: Off-Campus Housing

Owners of BYU-contracted housing must exercise reasonable effort to maintain the Residential Living Standards. This includes (1) screening applicants; (2) informing residents of the standards; (3) investigating complaints; (4) taking corrective action; and (5) reporting standards violations to the university. Diligent efforts by owners in performing these duties contribute to the total educational effort at BYU and the high moral environment it seeks to maintain. When an owner, agent, manager or employee of BYU-contracted housing knows or reasonably should know about a Residential Living Standards violation, he or she shall take reasonable steps to investigate and redress the situation. He or she must also make a report to the Honor Code Office for separate university action if the situation involves a violation or suspected violation of the CES Honor Code. An owner’s failure to take reasonable steps to maintain these standards or to report violations to the university may warrant revocation of a university contract. However, a report to the Honor Code Office does not alleviate a BYU-contracted housing provider’s duty to investigate and redress housing violations.

Violations of these standards may be reported to the Honor Code Office:; 801-422-2847, or the Off Campus Housing Office:; 801-422-1513.

Maintaining the Residential Living Standards: On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing is committed to maintaining the high moral environment that BYU seeks to obtain. On-Campus Housing will exercise reasonable effort to maintain the Residential Living Standards. This includes (1) informing and educating residents of the standards; (2) investigating complaints and violations; (3) holding resident conduct hearings; (4) taking corrective action; and (5) referring and reporting violations to the appropriate campus departments. Any On-Campus Resident with concerns may contact the area managers or directorship at the following numbers:

Helaman Halls - 801-422-2034
Heritage Halls - 801-422-4421
Language Immersion Student Residence - 801-422-4421
Wyview Park - 801-422-9203
Wymount Terrace - 801-422-2549
Residence Life Directors - 801-422-2810