On-Campus Housing
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Available Bedspaces - 19 and Over

  • Fall-Winter 2021-22 and Winter Only 2022: Communities for returning tenants* and those who turned 19 prior to January 1, 2021. *A returning tenant is one who has lived on-campus during the Fall and/or Winter semester of a previous academic year.
    • *A returning tenant is one who has lived on-campus during a previous Fall and/or Winter semester.

Click on contracting information for further instructions regarding contracting.

Click on "Select a Bedspace" in order to contract for a bedspace. This page only shows current availability.

If a student has already selected a bedspace and would like to request to swap bedspaces, they should follow the instructions regarding changing to a different bedspace.

Students who have a group wanting to live in the same apartment but who do not see an apartment with enough beds to accommodate their group may contact the Campus Accommodations Office at 801-422-2611. It may be possible that an apartment can be made available.

Please select an agreement period:

Is the type of bedspace you are looking for not available? Here is a link for waiting list information.