BYU National Residence Hall Honorary

BYU's chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary is designed to recognize on-campus residents who make outstanding contributions to their campus and residence halls. NRHH firmly believes in the value of student involvement in residence hall life through community service, community building, advocacy, and educational programming. Brigham Young University is proud to host an active chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

In order to become a member of NRHH one must be nominated. Anyone living in on-campus housing can nominate future members. All nominations end up with BYU’s NRHH President who reviews the nominations and sends letters of invitation and application to the nominees. An induction ceremony at RHA’s annual academic banquet will be held to recognize members for their outstanding accomplishments.


NRHH Members are selected based on the values of NRHH: scholastics, service, recognition, and leadership. 

The BYU NRHH chapter has a membership cap of 1% of 5200 residents, or 52 members. 

Potential members must be nominated and living on campus. 

Nominations are reviewed by the NRHH President and applications are sent to qualified candidates.


Submitting NRHH Nominations

Email nominations to Put “NRHH NOMINATION” in the subject line. 

Nominations should include a description of how the nominee has contributed to their community and exhibits the pillars of NRHH. Nominations have a 600 word limit. 

Please include your name and nominee's (1) Full name (2) Address (3) Phone Number (4) E-mail address