Helaman Halls RHA Council

The Helaman Halls RHA Council comprises officers including a president, vice president, secretary, historian, publicity coordinator, program coordinator, and hall representatives. Council members attend weekly planning meetings on Mondays at 4:00 pm in the Cannon Center. They also attend a leadership development class on Wednesdays and a retreat each semester.

Council members write nominations for Of The Month Awards to recognize the accomplishments of students and staff, or outstanding activities and programs from the area.

Past programs sponsored by the Helaman Halls RHA Council include Mister Helaman (pictured), Fight the Fifteen, Un-Valentine's Day Bash, and the annual Helaman Halls Christmas Invitational (pictured).

For more information about RHA in Helaman Halls, you can e-mail helamancouncil@byu.edu, like the Helaman Halls RHA Facebook page, or stay tuned to this web site for updates.