Serve Where You Live!

BYU RHA has been around a long time--your grandparents might have served on hall councils when they were at BYU. Students have been building lasting friendships in RHA for more than sixty years because of the work, service, and sense of community council members share with each other.

Don't think you have room in your class schedule for two more credits? The class is optional for Hall Representatives. Talk to your Hall Advisor about serving as your building's representative on the area council.

Not free on Mondays at 4:00, or can't come on the training retreat? There are still great ways to be involved in your community. Take a look at NRHH, or talk to your RA about serving on your hall council.

If you still have general questions about RHA, visit our FAQ page.

Want to know more about what will be expected of you as part of an RHA council? Check out the responsibilities of our various positions.

If you have more specific questions about RHA, feel free to e-mail us at or give us a call at 801-422-9204.